Almost €30,000 Paid Out in Claims

At the Hole in One Club, we’re serious about paying out claims when one of our members scores a hole in one.

Since the inception of the Hole in One Club in 2013, we have paid out €29,465 in claims to our members. In 2018 alone, we have paid out €7,165 in claims.

We always do our best to ensure that a claim is paid out on, and the only reason that we will not pay a claim is if the claim is in breach of our Terms & Conditions.

Be sure to register for membership of the Hole in One Club in order to be in for a chance to win!

Holes in One at Rush Golf Club

At the Captain’s Drive on 11th March in Rush Golf Club, Paul Brennan (pictured), the Captain of the Club, was the lucky recipient of a cheque for a hole in one he had shot a couple of weeks earlier. His wife and Lady Captain Anne Marie (also pictured) has also been the recipient of €1,500 for shooting a hole in one in the past year.

Both Paul and Anne Marie are members of the Hole in One Club which is run by Rush local Paul O’Loughlin. A €50 per annum membership fee guarantees you a payment of up to €1,500 in the event of you shooting a hole in one, subject to terms and conditions.

With over 200 members across North Dublin and beyond, the Hole in One Club is becoming more and more popular, with three claims having been processed already this year.

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