Terms & Conditions

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Subscription Terms and Conditions

1. The owner of this website is Hole In One Promotions Ltd t/a Holeinoneclub.ie, an Irish
company No 509424 based at Little North Street, Swords, Co Dublin. By using this website
you agree to be legally bound by and act in accordance with the terms and conditions.
2. Membership is only available to Golfing Union of Ireland or Irish Ladies Golfing Union Members with a current GUI or ILGU handicap.
3. Membership will only commence after receipt of payment and be maintained provided fees are paid to date of the hole in one.
4. It is not the responsibility of the company to notify members of any breakdown or default in payments. Should a member have a claim and fees are not paid to date the claim will be refused.
5. Membership is only permitted to Members of a GUI/ILGU Recognised Golf Club.
6. Golf Society outings and competitions are excluded from winning a prize.
7. Membership is excluded to persons under the age of 21 years.
At Holeinoneclub.ie we believe that the majority of Golfers abide by the rules set in place by the Royal and Ancient. However it is in the interest of all members that we protect ourselves against fraudulent claims by imposing certain requirements and self policing before any claim can be paid.
In Order to Make a Valid Claim for a Hole in One the following conditions must be confirmed:
1. That you made a single shot on the given Hole and were successful in getting a Hole in One Shot as per the current R&A Rule Book. No Provisional balls count.
2. The competition of the day must be a valid club or GUI/ILGU competition.
3. Your scorecard must be signed by one playing partner and witnessed by a further player and signed off by the Club Secretary. Your claim may not be valid without these signatures.
4. The Hole is in full play as per the club scorecard. No temporary greens.
5. The Golf Course must be a registered GUI / ILGU Golf Course i.e. not a Par 3 course or Pitch and Putt.
6. A successful claimant will receive a cheque of up to €1000. The cheque amount is dependent on the length of the hole. Should a hole be less than 150 meters the prize money will be reduced by 1% per meter. The hole on which the Hole in One is shot must be at minimum 100 metres in length.
7. All claims must be made within 7 days of getting a hole in one. Failure to do so may result in non-payment of claim.

Refunds can only be arranged up to 7 days after subscription date or renewal of subscription date. Refunds after this will not be allowed.

The above terms and conditions are meant as a guideline in the interest of all members of the Hole In One Club. We reserve the right to make alterations to the conditions at any time. All members are allowed to cease membership at any time and can do so by e mail or post.
Any member who is successful in obtaining a Hole In One agrees to a presentation in their respective club and that this may be used for press release purposes and our website.